Having a Mascot: My Experience with Indie-Publishing


My first book, Speckles and His New Home, will be released Oct. 4th, 2016, but my journey with Mascot started in March of 2015. After contacting them on the advice of my friend Keri, who had already been working with Mascot, I submitted five or six of my manuscripts. I waited less than a week to hear back from Josh at Mascot.

When I submitted my book ideas, I was not completely sure I wanted to go with Mascot. Josh, the representative who called to talk with me about my manuscripts, was very encouraging, and talking to him started to convince me that Mascot could be my road to publishing. After learning more about the company and what they would be able to offer for the price they were asking, I decided to take the leap and start the journey.

The first step was signing a contract, so that I could be assigned a project manager who would work with me and Rose. Meghan was my first project manager. She helped guide Rose in how the illustrations would need to be formatted and worked with me on editing the manuscript. It was helpful to have outside (non-family or friend) feedback to see how another might view the story. Every suggestion she made was just that–a suggestion. I maintained creative control and never felt pressured to change anything. I did, however, take many of the suggestions and made changes accordingly.

About a year into the process I was assigned a new project manager, Jenna, who then started to work with us. She helped us navigate the submission of the illustrations, editing the PDF of the book, and getting it onto the printers. She was very helpful with suggestions and made herself available for any questions we had along the way.

The last member of the group I have worked with is Kate in the marketing department. She has provided me with some materials and guidance as to how the process of selling and distributing my book will work. The dialogue has been beneficial, helping me think through the huge task of getting my book into the hands of readers.

The journey has been a long one, and it is one that hasn’t yet finished. I will continue to work with Mascot as I wait to receive Speckles and His New Home, and begin the final phase of the adventure: finding people to join me and read this story.


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