50 Books for 50 Libraries


One of my favorite activities with my sons is taking them to the library. We have been taking them to the library since they were born. Surrounded by books (and toys and games) I feel like a kid in a candy shop just looking for the books I want to read and the ones I want to share with my sons. Unlike the kid in the candy shop I don’t have to pay, so I leave with bags full of books straining to carry them out of the library and into the van.

Reading books, especially library books, to our kids is an everyday routine in our family. We read them throughout the day, and always at bedtime. Books are a great way to have an adventure together on the couch or even at the table during lunch or a snack.

To think that someone else might find an adventure reading my book as we do reading all of the books we enjoy from the library is an exciting thought. It is wonderful to think my book would bring joy to a little one and a smile on the face of the parents.  

I would like to ask your help in achieving this dream. I am calling it “50 Books for 50 Libraries.” My goal is to have 50 people willing to donate my book to a local library for $10. In addition, if you would like to purchase it for yourself and a local library, I am offering a bundled package for $25; both prices include shipping. I also have the option to include a message from the donor in the book that I will sign and send to the library.

I would also like to document this event by having those who donate the book take a picture with the children’s librarian and the book and then send me the picture to upload to a gallery on my website. I hope to make a collage of the event to celebrate all of the people who donate and to see which libraries have received my book.

If you would like to participate in this event, please visit my website and place an order! You can find the page here “50 Books for 50 Libraries.” I thank all of you in advance. With your help, my dream of a parent reading Speckles and His New Home to their child can be a reality!


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