Onward and Upward


Even though my first book, Speckles and His New Home, hasn’t yet been officially released, I am thinking about the next manuscript I would like to publish. In order to help me decide which one I should pursue, I am going to share four excerpts from different manuscripts over the next couple weeks for people to vote on. I will also include a blurb about the story.

This is how I would like people to vote:

  • If you really like the manuscript excerpt, please share the link of the excerpt on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. This would be the highest vote for the manuscript.
  • If you like the manuscript excerpt, please like the blog post on Facebook or Twitter.
  • If you don’t like the manuscript excerpt (I won’t be offended), please do nothing.

I will be collaborating with the illustrator of Speckles, Rose Anderson, again for this next book. We hope to blog about the progress of creating the second book as well once the votes are in. Look for the posts to come out in the following order:


Timmy’s Show and Tell – Sept. 27th

Adventures with Brothers (Book1) – Sept. 30th

Forest Friends in the Fall – Oct. 4th

Once My Daddy Bounced a Ball – Oct. 7th


If you would like to participate, but have not yet signed up to follow my blog, please do! Your participation is greatly appreciated. I look forward to all the comments, but please remember the excerpts are rough drafts of the possible manuscripts.


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