Timmy’s Show and Tell


The first option is Timmy’s Show and Tell. This story is about a boy and his pet frog. Timmy can’t decide what to bring for show and tell, so he asks his pet frog for advice. This excerpt is the first part of the book and introduces both of the main characters. This book would be geared toward 3-8 yr olds.


Timmy’s Show and Tell

The weekend was almost over, and on Monday the children would have a show and tell at school. Timmy didn’t know what to bring.

Timmy walked around his house thinking of things to bring. He looked everywhere for something he could bring.  

He looked in his toy box.

He looked in the playroom.

He looked in the garage.

He looked in the kitchen, but he found nothing.

He had spent most of his summer with his pet toad Flippy doing many fun things.

He thought about the creek, but there wasn’t anything to show.

He thought about the rocks he found, but there wasn’t anything to tell.

Timmy didn’t want to be the only boy at school without something to show and tell.

When Timmy needed to think hard about something he went to his room.

He sat down and stared at his pet toad Flippy in his aquarium. “What should I bring tomorrow, Flippy?” Flippy replied, “Croak, Croak.”

As Timmy looked at Flippy, he remembered their summer fun. “Do you remember the rainy days, Flippy?” “Croak, Croak,” replied Flippy.

“They were fun. We stomped in the mud and splashed in the puddles. We got all muddy, and Mommy had to give us a bath.”

“Do you remember when you hopped into Myra’s boot?” “Croak, Croak,” answered Flippy.

“She put her bare foot in the boot. She was scared when she felt you with her toes. She dropped her boot and ran away screaming. That was funny.

“Do you remember when I left you on the kitchen counter?” “Croak, Croak,” replied Flippy.

“You hopped out from the jars and scared Mommy. She screamed and jumped back. That was funny.”

“We had a great summer, didn’t we?” “Croak, Croak,” agreed Flippy.


What do you think Timmy will bring to show and tell?


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