And the Winner Is…


Timmy’s Show and Tell! It was close in the voting. Thanks to everyone who participated! Rose has already started on the storyboard for this book, and it is coming along great. For those of you who voted for Forest Friends in the Fall and Once My Daddy Bounced a Ball, you may be interested in knowing that as a consolation prize for those manuscripts I submitted them to Chronicle Books.

Chronicle Books is a traditional publishing company that still takes unsolicited manuscripts, the catch being that they read thousands of manuscripts a day. It can take up to six months to hear back, and you only hear back if they select your manuscript. I understand they are busy. I understand that I am probably one of a million authors submitting manuscripts to them. But they also say if you don’t try, you won’t succeed. So here’s to throwing my hat in the ring.

Rose and I have begun to collaborate again with the story Timmy’s Show and Tell (if you haven’t read the excerpt you can read it here). My plan is to blog about our stages as we go along for anyone interested in the process behind the creation.

The first stage has been finished, which is writing the initial draft of the manuscript. This manuscript I wrote a while ago, but have recently come back to it and edited some of the sentences. The editing process of the manuscript for a picture book can be layered over the process of illustrating because as the stages of illustration begin, the manuscript will be revisited over and over again to make sure the words and the illustrations complement each other in the best possible way.

The second stage has also been completed, which is designing the page layout in the book. This involves deciding what kind of spreads the words will go with in the book. Spreads typically come in three major formats: full spreads where the illustration covers two pages of the book; half spreads where the illustration covers one page; and multiple illustration spreads where 2 or more small “snapshot” illustrations cover one or two pages.

The third stage is creating the storyboard, which is where we are currently. I will follow up with a blog about that process upon completion of the stage.


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