Story Boarding


It’s a new year and the last month and a half have been really busy with life, travel, and holidays. However, Timmy’s Show and Tell is progressing well. Rose has completed the storyboarding and character sketching stage, and has moved onto the full page illustrations which I have been excited to see develop from the sketches.

The storyboarding happened in two stages. Rose and I communicated about how the illustrations would appear in terms of full, half, or multi spreads. She designed a large canvas where she drew out the pages and sketched very bare images as we continued our discussion of the illustrations. Some pages were more difficult this time to relate the images in my mind, but dialoguing with Rose helped us think through how the words and the images would work together to communicate the story.

After designing the one page storyboard, she took the illustrations and created a storyboard book sketching more detailed pictures and scribbling in words to see how the space would work. The book was great to start to see how the story would come alive in readers’ hands.

While creating the storyboard, Rose also worked on character sketches. The two main characters, Timmy and Flippy, were the ones I had the most opinions about. She had my sons demonstrate different poses that Timmy might be in at different points in the story. Sometimes they posed more reluctantly than other times. They enjoyed being part of the process though and asked many questions. It was fun seeing them become a larger part of creating the story they inspired. In terms of Flippy, I thought about a bullfrog first, but after researching bullfrogs, it appears they do not make good pets. So we went with a smaller version: the green frog (not a tree frog).


I hope you enjoy the video of the sketch book below!



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